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Bury League teams

This section lists the teams for each club playing in the Bury League and associated cup competitions.

Click on a team name to see their results and fixtures

Cambridge teams
TeamCompetitionCaptain Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
Cambridge ChoristersDivision 1Chris Davison191183180179
Cambridge ExaminersDivision 1Akito Oyama219206191178
Cambridge OddfellowsDivision 1Ole Bay-Petersen182154150135
Cambridge AcademicalsDivision 2David Cattermole178155144130
Cambridge DonsDivision 2Tom Smith160159140137
Cambridge GownsDivision 2Kelvin Hunter127127113111
Cambridge MastersRoger Goldsmith (Section B)Stephen Pride
Bury St Edmunds teams
TeamCompetitionCaptain Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
Bury St Edmunds ScarabsDivision 1Edmund Player214207186160
Bury St Edmunds ScorpionsDivision 1Ian Wallis207192191185
Bury St Edmunds CobrasDivision 2Jon L Collins170159154149
Bury St Edmunds EDivision 3Hugo Smith144131129124
Bury St Edmunds JuniorsDivision 3Boby Sebastian13812310982
Bury St Edmunds VipersDivision 3Laureano Garcia-Munoz144140124117
Bury AbbeyRoger Goldsmith (Section A)Bob (L) Jones
Bury CathedralRoger Goldsmith (Section A)Hugo Smith
Bury BeehiveRoger Goldsmith (Section B)Bob (L) Jones
Ely teams
TeamCompetitionCaptain Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
Ely BishopsDivision 1Mark Szymanski182169164143
Ely RooksDivision 2Nick Sampays170153142141
Fen ThoroughbredsRoger Goldsmith (Section B)Steve Ashworth
Linton teams
TeamCompetitionCaptain Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
Linton LeopardsDivision 1Paul Kemp208201192182
Linton LorisDivision 2Patrick Ribbands166165164157
Linton LemursDivision 3Riki Trivedi141135125121
Linton LlamasDivision 3Nathan Weersing162128123117
Linton TigersRoger Goldsmith (Section A)Margherita Boroni
Linton LionsRoger Goldsmith (Section B)Nathan Weersing
Stowmarket teams
TeamCompetitionCaptain Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4
StowmarketDivision 3Dave Green160140124122
Stowmarket (RG)Roger Goldsmith (Section A)Stephen Lewis